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Smokey Joe doesn't like to talk about his past much. After all, it's hard to explain how he became such a bear of a fellow. Rumor has it he got to be the way he is by breaking the rules a bit.

In the beginning Smokey Joe was just your average bear. But when the chill of fall rolled around and it was time for the final forage before settling down for a long winters nap, well, that wasn't quite his style.

You see Smokey Joe has always danced to the beat of different drum. So, instead of scouring the land for nuts and berries, the typical meal for bears before hibernation, Smokey Joe stocked up on the greater things in life. He gathered the finest tobacco and bartered for the best whiskey around. He even managed to get his own television with satellite dish so he wouldn't miss a game and he's not ashamed to say he's mighty fond of the ladies.

As you can imagine, Smokey Joe's cave became the heart of a good time and his neighboring bear clan became a little gruff. While his brothers wanted to enjoy a long nap, Smokey Joe didn't want to miss a beat.

That's when the transformation happened. Smokey Joe loved the game of life so much that he was lured away from the natural instincts of his kind. A good smoke, strong whiskey and a sporting good time made him tick and it made him find his own way.

It was then, on the night of full moon that he was cast out on his own. The combination of the tides and lunar eclipse turned Smokey Joe into what he is today.

So, don't ask Smokey Joe about his past. Just be thankful he's done what he's done. If you see him, make sure you buy him a drink and offer him a stogie. If you're not one of the lucky one's who meet Smokey Joe in person, make sure to raise your glass to him when you're enjoying his lair.

Instead of hibernating, Smokey Joe has created a haven for kindred spirits, a place where a good time is always waiting in the comfort of friends year round.





Smokey Joe's Cigar Lounge at BJ's Bingo
4411 Pacific Hwy E / Fife, WA 98424 / (253) 922-0430

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